Rainbow Six turning 2 in Style


There is some amazing news for fans of Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft has recently confirmed that there will be another year of Rainbow Six: Siege content, thus allowing it to continue into its second year. The this gives a massive boost to the surprisingly awesome tactical, multiplayer shooter.

After the reveal of this news, the publisher of the game was not too keen on revealing any more information on the subject which left players wondering at the content and time frame for the release of the content.

But this was followed up by even more good news, as Anne Blondel (vice president of operations) stated that fans will hear more about the new content by the end of 2016. Anne Blondel said that more information on Rainbow Six: Siege year 2 content will be dropped “in the weeks to come”.

So even if fans are desperately curious, they won’t have to wait too long before all is revealed.