Mass Effect: Andromeda Promises Extra Special Sidequests

If BioWare applies their previous attitudes and philosophies to Mass Effect: Andromeda, then it appears that players can expect to spend more time on the side quests, rather than the epic main storyline. GameInformer does reveal a lot of details about some of the side content players can expect to see.


Mass Effect: Andromeda will bring back the popular loyalty missions. The loyalty missions will give players a chance to see the individual characters in a different light and story apart from the main storyline.

The game will also allow players to arrive on new planets, and present the players with the opportunity to wipe out all hostile enemies, and laying waste to bases to undermine enemy power. each player should have “at least one”  base, and destroying these basis will give players valuable rewards.

Other side content includes: Inquisition camps; scanning items to unlock codec entries and crafting recipes; tracking down drop zones; tackling optional fights; and driving in the Nomad.