Coming Soon: Slayaway Camp


Continuing in the spirit of spooks and Halloween this October, the folks over at Blue Wizard Digital Ltd. have a bone-chilling title coming out. Slayaway Camp is preparing for it’s release later this month, and they have a game trailer to let you see the gruesome horrors that await you in this experience.

In 1983 (on Thursday the 12th), a prank at a summer camp went horribly wrong. Exactly one year later, the Slayaway Camp victim (taking up the name Skullface) has come back for vengeance. The main thing you’ll be doing in this game is killing teenagers by sliding things around in a puzzle style format. It’s incredibly gore-tastic, despite what the adorable blocky voxel visual aesthetic might have you believe otherwise. As your killer anti-hero progresses through the game’s 200 (or so) levels, he’ll have to be aware of new dangers like land mines, telephones, and the cops standing in his way. Extra bonus unlocks include a “NC-17” puzzle insanity mode, as well as the ability to play as other killers based on old horror movies.

Slayaway Camp releases on October 25th for PC (Mac/Linux). To learn more about the game, check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.