Runner3 Teaser Trailer Spotted


From the people who brought you Bit.Trip Runner in 2010 and Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien in 2013, comes the obvious third game Runner3! Gaijin Games Inc changed their studio name to Choice Provisions Inc. in the interim, but they’re ready to start rolling out details for the new game. To start, by announcing the announcing the fact they’re actually planning one.

If you don’t know what to fully expect from this game, the only clue we have is looking at the past. The original game in 2010 was an arcade rhythm style of experience, while the sequel to that was more of a formal platformer based on the world the Bit.Trip series has set up. The protagonist CommanderVideo is confirmed to be returning in one shape or another for Runner3.

The developer log has some more insight into the focus for the new game:

If you like being challenged relentlessly, will you get that? Yes. (It is us, after all.) But if you prefer being able to experience the entire game without being ultra-challenged, you’ll be able to do that as well–without penalty. We have some very interesting tricks up our sleeve as to how we’re going to accomplish this, and we’ll be revealing them here over the course of development, so keep checking back.

Runner3 is forecasted to arrive sometime in 2017. To keep up to date with development on it, check out the website devlog, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest.