Acquire Vengeance in Mafia III


Lincoln Clay joined the Black Mob so he could know what it was like to have a family. When his brothers and sisters in crime are murdered by the Italians, Clay will fight to the last man in order to get revenge for their deaths. This is the story of Mafia III. Our protagonist is a Vietnam War veteran, and his physical abilities will be pushed to their outer limits during Lincoln Clay’s quest to get even. Back at the Tokyo Game Show, the developers over at Hanger 13 showed an extended demo of what the gameplay of their upcoming title is like. Now they’re ready to show that to all of you, over on their YouTube channel.

The demo has Clay taking out Sal Marcano’s underboss, Tony Derazio. It starts with Lincoln taking a boat across the bayou during sunset, with a tune on the radio playing as he drives. The demonstration then goes over the ten districts of New Bordeaux – each of which has their own distinct feeling and atmosphere to them. But along with the setting’s looks, there’s also the uses of these areas when it comes to the criminal underworld. Places like the bayou are good for smuggling guns, while others have become drug dens and trafficking hot spots. The demo eases us back to Tony Derazio’s place in all of this. He’s a bookkeeper that blackmails the politicians and sets up sham construction sites around the city. Clay’s efforts to sabotage the Italian’s operations leads to a chance of taking out Derazio once and for all, at his hotel in the heart of Downtown. A mobile weapons shop is available to summon to our location at any time, letting the player outfit themselves with the weapons required in whatever situation they’re in. We can sneak through the hotel and take the elevator, or steal Derazio’s bagman’s car and go through the parking garage. Choosing the latter, Clay stealth chokes the car’s guard and drives off with the armored vehicle. Getting through the garage isn’t a problem, and on our way up in the elevator we see that Derazio’s superiors aren’t happy with the damages Lincoln is causing. Although he took the silenced weapon approach on his way up, Clay shoots up Derazio’s office and takes down all the men in his way.

Mafia III is set to arrive on October 7th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.