Meet the Civilization VI Leader of Greece


The Civilization VI “Meet the Factions” series has taken viewers to the four corners of the world. In the past month we’ve heard from Norway, the Kongo, India, and Spain. But there’s still more to go. Next up is Greece, and their leader Pericles.

The developers are choosing historical icons that left an impression on the culture and people of the countries they were from, and Pericles was definitely an individual who did that for his homeland. This general, statesman, and all around leader helped usher in the Golden Age of Athenian culture. Greece’s unique “Plato’s Republic” ability grants them an extra Wild Card slot regardless of which government they choose. The unique unit is the Hoplite, and they get a bonus when other Hoplite units are adjacent to them. The Greek unique tile improvement is the Acropolis, replacing the Theater District. They get higher cultural adjacency bonuses for being placed next to districts,  even more so in the case of the City Center (you have to build it on a hill, however). Pericles has a cultural focused “surrounded by glory” ability – for every city-state that Greece is the Suzerain of, they get a cultural bonus.

Civilization VI comes out on October 21st for PC, Mac, and Linux. To keep in touch with all the updates and news, watch their website, Twitter, and Facebook.