Meet the Civilization VI Leader of India


Civilization VI is introducing the countries of their game through a series that highlights the unique qualities of each faction. The personality side of that comes through the leaders that represent them. The most recent of these reveals is Gandhi for India. For many strategy game players he’s a familiar face, and in Civilization VI he’s back.

If you’re unaware of who Gandhi is, he was the leader of the movement towards India’s independence from Britain. Gandhi’s primary philosophy was peace and non-violent means, and protesting through civil disobedience. Gandhi’s in-game special ability is Satyagraha, for every Civilization that India meets that has a religion and isn’t at war, India gets a big faith boost. Factions that go to war against Gandhi incur additional penalties to their happiness. India has a religious ability called Dharma that gives them the Follower Beliefs of all religions present in their possessed cities. When peace isn’t an option, the unique Varu unit, that reduces combat strength of adjacent enemy units. The unique tile improvement available for India is the housing and food provider known as the Stepwell. It gives bonus food when built by a farm, and additional faith when built next to a holy site.

Civilization VI arrives on October 21st for PC (Mac/Linux). To stay in the loop about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.