Meet the Civilization VI Leader of the Kongo


When Civilization VI decided to introduce their leaders through a series of videos, you probably didn’t expect the amount of variety in play anticipated for the game. Each of the factions look to offer something unique to the play field, and give their own sets of advantages. Yesterday, one of the deepest reveals yet came out to the public in the form of the Kongo, and their leader Mvemba a Nzinga.

The Kongo Kingdom was a sovereign nation for the first 500 years of it’s life. By 1857, the Portuguese influence of the area would reach a climax and alter the history of the nation forever. Mvemba a Nzinga was key in bringing about this by Christianity’s influence over him during his time, causing him to study with the Portuguese for a decade. When he took the throne by 1506, the notion that he was serving Portugal’s interests took hold. Mvemba a Nzinga can’t build holy sites, but he gets the founder beliefs of the majority religion throughout his cities. After building an Mbanza or theater district, he gains an apostle of that city’s religion. The Mbanza is Kongo’s unique district, replacing the neighborhood and providing housing, food, and gold.  The Kongolese ability known as Keese, granting them food production and gold for each relic, artifact, and great work of sculpture. The Kongo gets extra Great Artist and Great Merchant points every turn. Their unique Ngao Mbeba unit get extra defense from ranged attacks, and moving in wood and rainforest tiles doesn’t slow them down or block sight.

Civilization VI arrives on October 21st for PC (Mac/Linux). To stay in the loop about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.