Gameplay Footage Of Cancelled XBLA GoldenEye Surfaces Online

There are a handful of video game classics from the Nintendo 64. One of those video game titles was 007 GoldenEye, a first-person shooter that put players into the role of James Bond as the game plays out similarly to the 007 film that holds the same title. This video game quickly became a massive success that sparked plenty of multiplayer battles and since its release, there have been fans to official remakes released.

However, back in 2010, Rare was hard at work when it came to porting the Nintendo 64 title to the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. Apparently, the video game would have brought in HD graphics along with an N64 graphics that gamers could switch between at any given time.

Likewise, besides the full campaign, the game would also come packed with original split screen multiplayer and online game modes.

Everything went smoothly, but for unknown reasons, Nintendo Japan decided to pull out from the development at last minute, causing Rare to get rid of the entire production.

There has since been speculation that Rare instead used the engine and software to work on a Perfect Dark port that would eventually release into the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace.

Now a half hour of gameplay footage for the XBLA title has surfaced online showcasing what could have been a massive release.