Pokemon Go Has Lost Millions Of Daily Users


It was bound to happen, but according to data analysts from Axiom Capital Management, which was posted on Bloomberg, Pokemon Go has lost millions of its daily users within a month. This could lead to some serious trouble for the development team Niantic.

According to the charts, it seems that within a month, Pokemon Go has seen a drop of over fifteen million daily users and since the graph is not showcasing the current date, that number could very well have dropped even more.

Another interesting aspect that may have played a factor in a number of daily users is the ban hammer Niantic has been using as of late. We recently posted about select users finding their account has been banned because of the use of third-party applications rather than GPS spoofing.

This could have resulted in a large number of daily users jumping ship as any third-party application used to help further you into the Pokemon Go application has been deemed illegal for the Niantic development team.

However, it’s unsure just how many of those accounts have been banned so this could very well be the result of gamers being tired of the augment reality game. Perhaps we may see that number rise back to a new record number if a more content focused update makes its way to the game, but only time will tell.

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