A Closer Look at the Endless Space 2 Factions


Amplitude Studios have officially unveiled two major factions in their upcoming Endless Space 2 game. The ones shown off here in these trailers will be playable when the Early Access version of the game releases this Summer. Both the Sophons and Cravers get their debut at the same time.

Endless Space 2 is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game that’ll have various civilizations colonizing the stars of the universe. There will be eight playable factions to choose from, and they each have their own spaceships, heroes, and story to tell.

And you can be a part of that. Amplitude has launched a Faction Creation Contest that’ll let the community build their own vision of what’s out there in the Endless Space 2 universe, and the winner as chosen by feedback from the GAMES2GETHER Community will get to see their idea come to life.

  1. Game Design: “Every faction in Endless Space 2 contains unique gameplay traits and functions. How does yours differ, fight, defend, and live? Here, you’ll also include a light backstory/biography.”

  2. Visual Design: “What will your heroes look like, what is their habitat and how will your spaceships reflect and expand on your race’s beliefs?”

  3. Narrative Design: “Expand on the background idea to develop their culture, their beliefs, how they interact with other factions or fight against enemies.”

If you think you got a great idea for an Endless Space 2 faction, click here to get started. This first phase begins today on August 11th, and will run until August 25th (according to this thread post).

The game has a “2016 Coming Soon” release date, but the Early Access launch is set for sometime this Summer. Endless Space 2 will be available on PC and Mac. To follow along with their development, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook.