Sex Toys offered to Diablo Widows

There was a time when if you wanted a sex toy, you needed to go into a store in a bad neighbourhood wearing a large mac and a guilty look. You'd walk away hoping that nobody you knew found you holding a brown paper bag. Those days are over and now you can get a dildo just by posting onto a Facebook page.

Absoloo are offering free sex toys to Diablo 3 widows (and widowers, it seems to have turned out), or just anybody who can take a picture of themselves holding a copy of the game. Simply post said picture to Absoloo's Facebook page, the company will then contact you by private message with a code to use on the site. Technically, this is probably just available in France but it's probably worth trying your hand just in case. What's the worst that could happen?

My absolute favourite people are those hiding their face with a copy of Diablo 3, like we couldn't just click on their names and get instant access to their entire photo collection, their likes and dislikes and, now, their turn-ons as well.