No Charges in 38 Studios Criminal Investigation

KingdomsOfAmalurReckoningHeaderIt looks like the long legal saga for a defunct game studio is coming to an end. It started with a defaulted loan payment, then quickly escalated to a full scale FBI investigation. 38 Studios got into hot water and controversy after their collapse in 2012 because the company had received a $75 million loan from the taxpayers of Rhode Island. It was founded in 2006 by Curt Schilling, a pitcher for the Red Sox. It was named after his jersey number. The game they were known for making was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Four years after the fallout, authorities were ready to deliver an answer.

They held a press conference to make the announcement. Steven O’Donnell is a Colonel for the Rhode Island State Police, and he was joined by Attorney General Peter Kilmartin in order to deliver the results of the investigation. After years of scrutiny, they announced that no evidence of criminal wrongdoing was revealed. Kilmartin defended his decision by saying they can’t go through with indictment based on emotions alone. They aren’t going to publish the details of this investigation, as charges could still be field if more information came to light.

According to the explanation given in the PDF released by the Rhode Island Court:

“the quantity and quality of the evidence of any criminal activity fell short of what would be necessary to prove any allegation beyond a reasonable doubt and as such the Rules of Professional Conduct precluded even offering a criminal charge for grand jury consideration.”

The local media has scrutinized the Governor for backing down on their campaign promise for an independent investigation.

Out of 100 interviews carried out, it became clear that the deal between the studio and Rhode Island was flawed, but their overall findings were insufficient to move forward on.