You Can Now Request PokéStops and Gym Locations for Pokemon Go

PokemonGoPokestopRequestHeaderWe’re in the middle of a Pokemon Go wave of popularity heat this Summer, and one of the biggest questions people have had is how they can request PokéStops and Gyms  to be added near them.

Now there’s an answer.

By heading on over to this Support Page on the Niantic website, you can point out a place near you where you’d like a PokéStop/Gym to pop up. You’re required to give them: your email address, the name of the location itself, additional information and reasoning, what you want the exact name of the PokéStop/Gym to be, and the address of the PokéStop/Gym. Optionally you have the ability to give the exact latitude and longitude of the location you’d like, as well as attach any relevant pictures or documentation to your request that the team might find helpful.

There’s going to be two major groups of people who would benefit from submissions. The first of these is businesses and other entrepreneurs who’d like to show the world they’re in on the latest trend that people are talking about. The second is for Rural folks who live out in the country – where PokéStops and Gyms are too far in-between.

The same form can be used to request removals. For places like the Holocaust Museum or Arlington National Cemetery, that have publicly stated they feel the game is inappropriate at these locations, they now have the ability to remedy that to some degree.

The game has only been out for about a week, but it’s swept the nation in a Poke-fever. People from all over, from different walks of life, have all fallen head over heels for Pokemon Go. Now available in the United Kingdom!