Kingdom Come: Deliverance Adds RPG Elements

KingdomComeDeliveranceRPGHeaderThe newest update to Warhorse Studios upcoming game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the RPG elements that you know and love. In a video they uploaded, the developers go over the skills, stats, and armor gameplay mechanics, and how you’ll need to survive in the harsh world you’ll be playing around in.

When you character fights a lot of battles, he’ll get better at combat over time. But if you want to hone your skills and abilities quickly, visiting a trainer is the best option.  You’ll have your standard stat attributes (strength, agility, etc.), in addition to more specific skills such as stealth, horse riding, and herbalism. Items have their own statistics too – their quality is measured, as well as their weight, and attack/defense potential. For the overall survival aspect of the game, things like getting injured and your character being tired tend to have a butterfly effect on everything else you might do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. NPCs are bound by this as well, they’ll need to eat and sleep and keep a general routine in order to get by.

Another big feature in this Kingdom Come: Deliverance update is the armor system and character customization options. In a departure from video games of the past, this title took a different outlook on how armor works. Four layers of clothes, with twenty different slots for your weapons, gear and other accessories. The reason that a layer system wasn’t fully explored in gaming before was because it took a lot of processing power to handle, in addition to the challenges presented for the character artists when designing it. Your equipment’s quality decreases the more damage it takes, visibly changing it’s overall appearance. The purpose of clothing extends far beyond combat too. Dress up in a bandit uniform, and you could walk into one of their camps without a problem. Want to go shopping? It’s better to wear nice formal threads instead of metal armor with blood all over it.

If you’re interested in reading more about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, check out their website, Twitter and Facebook.