Hitman Companion App Tracks Elusive, High Profile Targets


Hitman Companion is available for download on both iOS and Android systems.
Hitman Companion will release information on its next target on July 15th.

The Hitman series has decided to further expand its universe to iOS and Android with its new companion app. The app, dubbed Hitman Companion, will be keep players informed about all of the live events that will transpire in the game. This also includes the player being briefed about Elusive Targets.

The app will not only notify players, but will present images, a video briefing, and even display a countdown timer to show them how long they have to eliminate the target.

The addition of this innovative app will further immerse players in the universe and gives the series a farther reach than before, from console, to mobile.

Square Enix has announced the appearance of the next Elusive Target on July 15th. Dylan Narvaez, aka “The Twin” will be in Sapienza for 72 hours.  An added stake is that his twin brother will be traveling alongside him, and the task is only to eliminate the given target.

The app is available for download now, which gives players time to download the app and prepare for their upcoming mission.