GTA 5 Redux Mod Amps Up The Visuals

GTA 5 Redux gives the game a stunning graphics upgrade.
GTA 5 Redux gives the game a stunning graphics upgrade.

GTA 5 Redux, created by modder Josh Romito has created an incredibly innovative system that improves the visuals of the game drastically. The mod’s gameplay has been tested in two different situations, one in sunshine, and one in rain.

Both of these scenarios are similar in the sense that the player is in a fight with the police, allowing for a perfect side by side comparison of these weather effects.

What seems to make this mod so amazing is that so many small details add up to make a dynamic difference to the bigger picture. The modders have also added 4k textures, new weather effects, and better lighting.

This completely facelift of the graphics makes the world of Los SantosĀ all the richer and more immersive for the player.

However, GTA 5 Redux is not yet available for download. Romito said that he will reveal the release date in his next mod video. The suspense and excitement that this mod is drawing will surely get people engaged and increase hype about this fantastic graphics upgrade to one of the most popular series.