Necropolis Collector’s Edition Details

NecropolisCollectorsEditionHeaderHarebrained Schemes upcoming Necropolis dungeon-crawler experience has a Collector’s Edition that goes a step beyond just the game itself.

Alongside a full digital soundtrack and standard game code, the Necropolis Collector’s Edition comes with a customizable death certificate, a 180-gram Transparent Blue Vinyl Soundtrack, along with a Gatefold Vinyl Jacket that also serves as it’s own Tabletop game. Swing on over to iam8bit if you want to snag this deal today.

For those of you who don’t know what Necropolis is about, it’s a third-person 3D roguelite game with a twisted beautiful visual style. Your no-name hero has to escape a magical dungeon that changes it’s layout every playthrough. You’ll craft items and equip whatever gear you can to stay alive in the abyss of Necropolis. Over your many deaths, your skills, upgrades, and dungeon knowledge improve, making your chances of a successful exit go up.

Necropolis is set to release for PC on July 12th, with PS4 and Xbox One versions scheduled for sometime later in the summer. For updates on the game’s release check out their website and Twitter.