These Are the New Costumes and Stages Coming in Street Fighter 5’s June Update

When Street Fighter 5 gets its massive June update—which includes Ibuki and the new cinematic story mode—Capcom will also release a whole bunch of new costumes and stages. Check them out in the slideshow below.


Each character’s battle costumes will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store and Steam next week, when the update is expected to release.

You can find the new stage variations below.

stage_shadaloo_base_at_night stage_estate_at_noon


According to Capcom, new characters will cost $6, or 100,000 in fight money. New stages will cost $4, or 70,000 in fight money. Alternate stages and story costumes will go for $2, or 40,000 in fight money. Premium costumes will be available for $4.