God of War Won’t Be Kratos Last Game



During E3 2016 Sony opened their press conference with the grand reveal of God of War, the next installment that features the demigod Kratos. It’s been three years since we saw the last standalone God of War title within the franchise, and with the E3 reveal, gamers were left with plenty of questions. Today we’re finding out that this next upcoming installment to the God of War video game series will not be the last game to feature Kratos.

There has been little tidbits of information released about God of War through the video game director Cory Barlog. For instance, Cory Barlog discussed yesterday the mythology God of War would be taking place in and how adjusting to Norse mythology makes complete sense after Kratos long Greek mythology backdrop.

Cory Barlog recently spoke with Spanish gaming website Level Up, which was translated by GameTransfers, about God of War and the likelihood of seeing Kratos beyond the next installment. While no details were given out, Cory Barlog did state that this will not be Kratos last video game.

Furthermore, it was revealed that God of War would not feature any multiplayer which doesn’t come to much of a surprise. Multiplayer for the video game franchise was not introduced until God of War: Ascension and it wasn’t found favorable between gamers and critics alike.

As for Kratos’ new found son, Barlog does indicate that Kratos is fully aware of his long god battling past, but that part of his life remains a complete mystery to his son.