See The Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Set To Full House Theme

Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs 2 just yesterday. The developer premiered the game’s first trailer, showing protagonist Marcus Holloway in the game’s new location of San Fransisco and the surrounding areas.

YouTube creators quickly took to the trailer, editing in music from another San Fransisco–based property, Full House. YouTube creator Seth G. Macy created a particularly hilarious version of the trailer, throwing in scenes from Full House among the hacking and more hacking.

Only time will tell if Watch Dogs 2 is actually set within the same universe as the Tanner family—at least, we’d expect Ubisoft to include the colorful row of houses featured in the Full House title credits.

Watch Dogs 2 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15. During the livestream, Ubisoft detailed a few different options for the game, including a Deluxe pack of digital items that includes extra digital items, a Gold Edition that comes with the DLC season pass, and a Collector’s Edition that’ll earn players a Wrench Junior robot.

All players who pre-order Watch Dogs 2 will receive an extra Zodiac Killer mission that unlocks an exclusive outfit as a reward.