New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer shows February 2017 Release Date

HorizonHeaderHorizon Zero Dawn got a new release date, as seen with this new trailer. For the first time, we get more story details on what to expect with the game. Aloy was an outcast of the tribe that she grew up in, and she spent her whole life curious to find answers about her origins.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming open world game for PS4, from Guerilla Games. Creators of the Killzone series. You become a hunter named Aloy, and you traverse a colorful and lush world filled with robotic creatures. Your journey will help uncover the mysteries behind tribal society, and you’ll come across ancient advanced technology that’ll grant power beyond imagination.

PS4 could definitely use another exclusive under it’s belt. The game promises to have changing weather systems and a day to night cycle, so I hope it delivers on that. The big thing they seem to focus on here is the massive size of these dinosaur machines – making it seem like a Shadow of the Colossus type of encounter.

As seen in the trailer description, Horizon Zero Dawn arrives February 28th 2017 for PS4. Check out Guerrilla Games Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.