Street Fighter V Ibuki Character Delayed to End of June, Capcom Apologizes

IbukiFeaturedHeaderStreet Fighter V came out back in February, and since then the Capcom team has been hard at work on finishing up some of the upcoming DLC for the game. One of these was the Ibuki character, and in a recent blog post a Capcom employee had some updates to give on when to expect that to be ready for release. This is relevant due to the fact that Capcom decided to publish the reveal trailer for Ibuki just a few days ago, leading many to believe that the character would arrive in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

The development team had planned on releasing Ibuki at the end of May, but they’ve moved this to the end of June in order to “provide the best experience possible for our players,” according to the post.

The author expressed regret that they weren’t more direct about the timing shift. He further stated that the development team is going to put a priority focus on quality first, which means that in the future they might have more delays when it comes to Street Fighter V content. Other notes in the post were acknowledgement of Input Delay reports from the community, and that the development team was going to look into it further. When it comes to Street Fighter V rage quitters, the team is proud to report that the latest solutions they’ve implemented to address that have brought the player disconnects down by 60%.