Monster Hunter Generations Release Date Announced


It’s official, fans of the Monster Hunter video game franchise within the west will be able to pick up Monster Hunter Generations later this year on July 15, 2016. That’s not all, as it turns out that the game has sparked the interest in releasing a custom Nintendo 3DS, though oddly enough, this is not a bundle as gamers will still need to pick up either a digital or physical copy of the video game.

Monster Hunter Generations is an action role-playing video game that was previously released in Japan last year under the name, Monster Hunter X. Capcom has officially unveiled that the western territories will to get the ability to pick the game up later this year.

Keeping up with the same style as the previously release titles in the franchise, Monster Hunter Generations tasks players with taking on quests that revolve around the hunting down dangerous and unique creatures. Unlike the previous installments, gamers can now play as a Felynes, which normally played as a companion character.

A total of four brand new monsters will be available to take down within the game though past flagship monsters will also make an appearance. Likewise, the previous weapon types from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will once again make a return along with four villages, three of which are returned locations from past titles.

Check out images from the Monster Hunter Generations video game within the gallery posted down below.