Dark Souls 3’s 1.06 Update Rebalances Weapons and Magic

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3‘s next patch raises the game to version 1.06. It’s already out, but its developers at FromSoftware have yet to release patch notes to indicate exactly what they’ve changed in the newly released update. It’s fairly typical for the developers of Dark Souls to leave it up to the community to figure out exactly what these changes are.

To that end, some gamers have datamined the files to determine exactly what’s new and different with the patch, which came out yesterday. A redditor named Textralia and others datamined the changes and discovered that FromSoftware’s official notes were not exactly accurate. The developer says that short swords were being rebalanced, but in fact meant daggers–clearly the result of a translation error. As such, the popular Dark Sword did not get nerfed.

Here’s what else they found out:

A 5-10% AR (attack rating) increase across entire family, with specific changes as follows.

  • Parrying Dagger – 10%
  • Dagger – 5%
  • Mail Breaker – 10%
  • Bandit’s Knife – 5%
  • Harpe – 10%
  • Rotten Ghru Dagger – 10%
  • Corvian Greatknife – 10%
  • Handmaid’s Dagger – 7%
  • Scholar’s Candlestick – 10%
  • Tailbone Short Sword – 5%
  • Brigand Twindaggers – 20%

Dual-Wielding Weapons
Less clear, with no historic data for comparisons, but suspected changes include:

  • Increase in stamina cost for all L1 attacks, limited AR increases to compensate
  • Brigand Twindaggers – 20% increase in listed AR
  • Gotthard Twinswords – possible increase in Guardbreak damage


  • Farron Hail – tighter projectile spread
  • Crystal Hail – fires three volleys instead of one, and projectile damage unchanged
  • Farron Dart and Greater Farron Dart – unconfirmed casting time improvement