Miitomo Tops US iOS Charts On Day One, Now Three Million Users Worldwide


Nintendo’s Miitomo is now a global success, with three million users worldwide mere hours ago.

It was also reported about a day since it launched in the West that it was number 1 in most downloaded games for both the iPhone and iPad stores for the US. Observers estimated that Nintendo had hit at least 200,000 downloads on iPhone and possible 20,000 downloads on iPad. There were no reports or estimates for downloads on Android devices.

Earlier, Miitomo also hit the top downloaded apps for social networks in Japan, and was number two in games. It hit number one in games and all categories afterwards. It is also worth noting that Miitomo hit the top of the charts in two days after launch, but in the US, it did not take 24 hours.

Apple and Google both tweeted about the launch of Miitomo, perhaps in part thanks to the predictably huge launch.

Miitomo is available to download on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Have you downloaded Miitomo yet? How are you enjoying it so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.