These Are The Full Details To Destiny’s April Update

Destiny Bungie
Bungie has shared full details for what fans can expect with Destiny‘s April update.

The update is dated for April 12, 2016, and it mainly updates The Taken King. The King himself is dead, but the war continues, as Variks the Loyal revives the call to battle the Taken across the galaxy. Guardians will face new Quests, Bounties, and Strikes. As was covered earlier from a recap of Bungie’s livestream, the Maximum Light cap has been raised to 335, a new Level 41 mode has been added, and Prison of Elders has a new Challenge of Elders mode. One huge clarification Bungie has had to make since the livestream is that Prison of Elders will not have checkpoints, as  they had earlier implied in the stream. Bungie has also shared new details that were not covered in the stream. King’s Fall will drop rewards until 330, and Court of Oryx will drop Artifacts until 335.

Bungie first teased the April update as far back as February. Back then, they merely referred to it as the huge Spring update, and revealed plans to host several streams in the buildup to the formal update Announcement. In the middle of this month, Bungie brought it up again, and finally referred to it as the April update. They also hinted at Challenge of Elders, referring to it then merely as a new set of PvE challenges. As they revealed earlier, this update is completely free for players who own Destiny: The Taken King.

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