Destiny Update Brings 335 Light Cap

destiny crucible
Through a Twitch livestream, development team Bungie announced and shown off some aspects of the upcoming update for Destiny this April. One of the key points made mention in the livestream was the Light cap within Destiny will be raised from level 320 to 335.

The update will not only raise the Light cap to 335, but will also give players new bounties, quests, and a new mission set which will be based after the fall of Oryx. Some of these missions will call for players to be at least a level 41 with a recommended Light level of 260.


Additionally, Bungie is also adding a new Prison of Elders mode known as the Challenge of the Elders. It will give players four months of different challenges that will supposedly not repeat with progress being┬átracked through a scorecard similar┬áto the Trials of Osiris. It’s within this challenge that players will have to make sure their Light level is high enough as it’s recommended players have a Light level of at least 320, the previously marked cap.

Within the Reef, there will be a Eververse Trading Company with Variks being the contact for new quests. Lastly, the new update will also affect the Winter’s Run Strike, especially to the endgame levels as they will include Taken enemies.

It seems that this update for Destiny will bring in plenty of content for those who are already at the current Light level cap of 320. Because this spring update seems to focus more on Light levels, we want to know if you’re excited about the new content. Let us know by leaving a comment down below.