Elite Dangerous Will Be A Launch Title For The Oculus Rift

Elite Dangerous is Coming to Oculus (BQ)
Oculus VR has revealed that Elite Dangerous will be joining the Oculus VR roster as a launch title.

The Oculus version of will be releasing this coming March 28. If you happen to own a copy of Elite Dangerous  already, as well as an Oculus Rift headset, you get the VR version for free. Developer Frontier Developments was working on Oculus VR support since the game was still in development, but confirmed as recently as last January that they stopped working on an official Oculus VR version.

Frontier also revealed last January that Elite Dangerous had sold over a million units. While frequently compared to upcoming space sims No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen, Frontier had managed to beat them at an official release by several months. Even back then, Elite Dangerous also already boasted having VR support via Steam. Frontier never really canceled Oculus VR support, but shifted resources to ensure Steam VR support would be finished first. Now, we know for sure that they have also finalized their work on Oculus Rift support.

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As it stands today, Elite Dangerous is in an enviable position as one of the first AAA games of its scale to also be a VR launch title. If other space sims follow their lead with full VR support later, Elite players can still boast that they got to play in VR first.

You can watch a trailer of Elite Dangerous‘ Oculus Rift announcement below. Frontier had recently released Elite Dangerous  Arena as a separate standalone title.