Elite Dangerous Arena Now Available Standalone

Elite Dangerous_ Arena (BQ)
Frontier Developments has decided to release Elite Dangerous Arena in standalone form.

Elite Dangerous Arena is the existing PVP mode, already available to fans who own Elite Dangerous or Elite Dangerous Horizons. Frontier revealed that they think PVP is a compelling enough mode to be sold on its own, particularly for its CQC (Close Quarters Combat) ship action. With this in mind, they have prepared some challenges for new players to give a try. Elite Dangerous Arena is available now for $ 7.49.

To celebrate, Frontier has prepared several events for new players. They have already scheduled several CQC Mayhem events in advance, commencing today, February 16, and ending on March 15, 2016. There will also be a livestream held by the developers later today. Lastly, there will be a Gladiators Challenge, which will give players an opportunity to win prizes such as goodie bags, Season Passes and in-game paint jobs. Of course, whichever version of the game you own, you can participate in all these events.

Elite Dangerous recently sold over 1.4 million units. You can learn more about what was added in Elite Dangerous Horizons, and upcoming updates to the base game and to Horizons. Frontier also brought the game to Steam. Frontier Developments shared tributes to famous actor Leonard Nimoy and comedy and science fiction writer Terry Pratchett within the game. Frontier has also made statements about bringing Elite Dangerous to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can watch the official Elite Dangerous Arena announcement trailer below.