“Everything” For The PS4 Lets You Play As Anything


There’s a new game coming out for the PlayStation 4 and it allows you to play as literally everything. It’s called Everything. Writing on the PlayStation Blog today, game artist David O’Reilly said that everything in Everything is a playable character.

O’Reilly is best known for his weird piece of game art Mountain, in which players simply watch a mountain rotate while stuff happens to it on rare occasions. In Everything, players can be everything. Instead of designing specific characters for players to control or mechanics, Everything lets you control anything that exists in the game’s procedurally generated environment.

“In Everything, every single thing is a playable character; if you can see it, you can be it,” said the developer. “The game lets you see the entire universe from the point of view of the thousands of things in it. In other words, there is no distinction between you and the world, or between a level and a character. All these things experience and interact with the world differently.”

According to the developer, creating this game involved years of research and development.

“I should mention that I’m still quite new to this, and though I was very excited about this idea, I had no clue how backwards it was or how much work it would be,” admitted O’Reilly. “Together with Damien DiFede (who writes all of the code) we developed an entirely new way to create and design levels, which treat objects more like ecosystems, and slightly closer to how they would be in nature.”

Everything will be out on the PS4.