Phil Spencer Responds To Lionhead Closure, Promises Xbox Isn’t Going Anywhere

Fable Legends
Xbox head Phil Spencer has commented on the announcement yesterday of the closure of Lionhead Studios and Press Play Studios and reassured fans who are worried about Xbox’s future.

In response to a fan question on Twitter in which he was to guarantee that Xbox “is not going anywhere,” Spencer answered: “I promise”.

“I’m proud of the games our first-party studios have shipped on Xbox One,” he replied to another user, “our plan is [to] continue to build new IP and expand our franchises.”

“It’s impossible to go into all the detail and I apologize for that,” he said when asked to explain the decision behind Lionhead’s closure. “Just know I’m committed to our first-party.”

“Thanks,” Spencer added to a fan offering support. “I’m not sure I’m so loved right now (not looking for sympathy), gamer passion is strong.”

Spencer’s comments follow yesterday’s news that Microsoft will likely close UK based developer Lionhead and cancel the development of Fable Legends. Danish developer Press Play Studios, the creator of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, was also closed immediately.

After the announcement, it was noted that five additional Microsoft studios – BigPark, LXP, Good Science, SOTA, and Function Studios were all removed from Microsoft Studios’ website as well. Their removal led to speculation regarding the fate of those studios too. 10 Microsoft first party developers are currently listed on the site, compared to 18 yesterday.

Fable Legends‘ current closed beta will continue until April 13th but will not accept any new players. Those who spent money during the beta buying gold will receive a refund.