Thank You For Playing Documentary Showcases Gaming News Industry Pre-Internet

Before the internet became what it is today, in order to gather the latest news in the video game industry, kids to adults would have to wait for their favorite monthly gaming magazine to show up at the local newspaper stands or retail markets. Within the film, Thank You For Playing, filmmakers Luma Films, dive into the history of the 1990s within Poland, where video game themed magazines brought out massive figures in sales and readers. However, after the internet became a more mainstream source for news and gathering information for the latest video game updates, all these popular Poland gaming magazines was forced to close down.

Within the film, Thank You For Playing, it’s clear that gamers young and old all flocked to grab their favorite video game magazine each month. To these readers, these authors held a celebrity status as they updated the world of the latest video game updates and announcements. This was an interesting time as gamers couldn’t just jump online and head to their favorite video game news outlet for a daily to even an hourly update status on a video game or a particular development studio.

Not only do we get a detail look at how these video game magazines operated, but we also get a breakdown as to how the industry fell with readers losing out on the emotional attachment to reading the game industry when compared to online media sources. You can check out Thank You For Playing this March 14, 2016, on Steam.