Just Cause 3 Confirmed To Support DirectX 12

Just Cause 3
In a new promotional video for DirectX 12, Microsoft has revealed that Just Cause 3 will be supporting the API.

This news should hopefully make Just Cause 3 owners on PC very happy, and it’s even possible Xbox One owners will benefit down the line. It launched with serious issues on the platform, but Avalanche committed to fixing these issues for fans. As of January of this year, they revealed they already set two teams at work on the updates.

Avalanche didn’t just work on fixing the game, but were also already investigating DirectX 12, to improve the experience for PC gamers. In fact, they will be holding a talk in this year’s Game Developers Conference to discuss the changes they have made to Just Cause 3 to optimize their use of DirectX 12. Avalanche worked with Intel, not just to make changes to the game, but to Avalanche’s engine itself. Some of the DirectX 12 exclusive features they were able to use include ordered independent transparency, g-buffer blending using raster ordered views, and light assignment for clustered shading using conservative rasterization.

Are you looking forward to upcoming DirectX 12 updates and support for Just Cause 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

You can watch the DirectX 12 promotional video below.