Just Cause 3 Suffering Launch Issues On PC

Some critics and Steam users are reporting bugs and connectivity issues with Just Cause 3’s PC edition. The game currently has a “mixed” rating on Steam just a few hours after launch. Along with the rating are reports of a variety of bugs: they range from bad connections with Square Enix’s servers, to framerate drops, to regular crashes to desktop.

The disconnects from Square Enix’s servers seem to be the biggest issue. While Just Cause 3 is not an online-only game, it does maintain a connection to the servers to track leaderboards for assorted statistics, like kills, deaths, and longest airtime. Apparently, every time the connection drops out, at either the user end or Square Enix’s end, the game freezes for a minute or so before asking the player if they would like to play in offline mode. Even once this has happened, the process starts all over if a player opens the menu, which can certainly be frustrating.

It’s important to note that this is not effecting all users. If you are having technical trouble with the game, it’s best to update your GPU drivers. For AMD users, this would be beta drivers v 15.11.1, or GeForce drivers v 359.06 for NVIDIA users.

If you've bought the game and are experiencing some graphical issues, our graphical tweaks guide may be able to help. If you want to experience Just Cause 3’s beauty, but are afraid to play the game until some of these issues have been addressed, you can check out the recent launch trailer here.

Just Cause 3 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.