Just Cause 3 Dev Team Shares Small Update, On Game Updates

Avalanche Studios has shared a small update for Just Cause 3.

In it, they explain that the studio has split into two teams for the sake of the fans. One is working on bug fixes, optimizations, and patches. The second team will be working on the game’s planned Land, Sea, and Air DLC moving forward.

The Air pack, in fact, is nearing completion, and is currently undergoing playtesting. Fans should expect this DLC to be releasing soon.

If you are still having problems with the game, Avalanche is directing fans to the official support threads on the Square Enix forums. You can reach out to them if you’re playing the European version here, and if you’re playing the American version here.

Have you been enjoying Just Cause 3 so far? Did you buy any of the DLC or the Season Pass? How would you rate Avalanche for how well they have been updating the game Share your thoughts with us in the comments.