Shenmue 3 Slackerbackers Won’t Get Kickstarter Rewards (But They Have Their Own)

Ys Net has shared an update regarding the rewards backers will be receiving for Shenmue 3.

After their successful Kickstarter, Ys Net opted to open a SlackerBacker campaign via Paypal, presumably to raise the total $ 10 million the company needs to build Shenmue 3 in accordance with Yu Suzuki’s complete vision. However, there was some debate whether the Paypal backers should be allowed to get the same rewards the Kickstarter backers were promised, based on equivalent amounts they funded.

Ys Net held a survey on Twitter, and again a survey on Kickstarter, and found both times that there were more backers willing to share their rewards with Paypal backers.

Unfortunately, they received a more intense reaction from fans who do not want the rewards to be shared. As a result, they have chosen to hold back on sharing those rewards.

If you are a Paypal backer or planning to back the game still, don’t fret. The Paypal backers still have their own rewards, with $ 29 being the minimum to get a copy on PlayStation 4.

As of January 5, 2016, Shenmue 3 has cumulatively raised $ 6,535,037, while the Kickstarter alone has raised $ 6,333,295. At around $ 200,000 raised, this debate over rewards seems moot for now, but there’s always the chance Ys Net will raise $ 10,000,000 or more in time.

Are you aShenmue 3 backer? How do you feel about this debate over the Kickstarter rewards? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.