Fire Emblem Receives Its Honest Game Trailer

From the folks over at Smosh Games, a YouTube channel that offers comedic video game based content, comes the Honest Game Trailer of Fire Emblem. For those who are unaware, the video series, Honest Game Trailers, showcases a video game and pokes fun at it, oftentimes showcasing its bizarre gameplay antics to characters. After each video within the series, viewers flock to the comments asking what video game they would like to see featured in the Honest Game Trailer YouTube series.

Overall, if you enjoy Fire Emblem then you’ll want to catch this video. However, it has been caught by fans that most of the footage came from Awakening. Regardless, take a look at the video above and let us know what you think of it by dropping a comment below. Furthermore, make sure to check out Smosh Games as the have covered a wide range of video games for the Honest Game Trailer series such as Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, XCOM, Super Mario Maker, and Kingdom Hearts.

In terms of Fire Emblem news, the latest main installment, Fire Emblem Fates, includes three versions, following different storylines centered around the same characters. Birthright and Conquest have both released earlier this month within North America where the third title, Revelation, will be releasing March 10, 2016. All three titles are available for both physical and digital formats although they¬†are only available at the current moment for Nintendo’s 3DS.