Nintendo Account Registration, Miitomo Pre-Registration Live

Registration for Nintendo Accounts, and pre-registration for Nintendo’s first mobile game, Miitomo, is now live.

You can make a Nintendo Account here. You have several options to create an account, including using a Nintendo Network ID, your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus accounts, or start from scratch using your email. If you are using your NNID or a social network, you will be using the same username and password for the account. The whole process can take less than a minute. Make sure to check your email for verification within an hour.

After creating the account, you can change these details:

  • Profile information
  • e-mail address
  • Password (important if you used your Nintendo Network ID or SNS account)
  • Linked Account (you can link your Nintendo Network ID, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Account there)
  • Promotional emails (you can decide if you want to receive promotional emails from Nintendo or not)
  • Usage Information (you can decide if you want to send usage information to Nintendo or not) [only in Europe]
  • Delete your account

One great feature is you can change your Nintendo Account username at any time.

If you ever decide to delete your Nintendo Account, you will lose these data:

  • Mission status, points and rewards in My Nintendo rewards program
  • Digital content you purchased in apps linked to your Nintendo Account
  • Save data of apps linked to your Nintendo Account
  • Friends and connections managed via your Nintendo Account

You can pre-register to make a Miitomo account here. Nintendo has shared more details on how Miitomo works so that casual users, including their target mobile audience, will understand. To sum:

  • You can make a Mii from scratch, aside from using your Mii from your 3DS or Wii U.
  • Customization options include clothing, which you can buy with in-game cash you earn by playing or using real money.
  • Miitomo includes an image creator for your and your friend’s Miis called Miifotos.
  • Nintendo describes Miitomo’s core mechanic as using your Mii as a social go-between.

You can read Gameranx initial coverage of Miitomo, My Nintendo, and Nintendo Accounts here and here.