Miitomo And My Nintendo Begin Next Month

Nintendo has finally unveiled the launch details for Miitomo, their first mobile game, and My Nintendo, their membership service, in their most recent investor’s meeting. Both will be hitting us as soon as next month.

Miitomo, Nintendo’s take on communication apps, will initiate random light hearted conversations with your friends  for you, by using your Miis as proxies. Nintendo explains 200 million Miis have been created, and they hope to broaden this number further with Miitomo.

Miitomo also has a newly announced feature, Miifoto, allowing you to take photos of your Miis, and use them outside the app, as wallpapers and profile pictures. Finally, Nintendo explained Miitomo works differently in different languages, so they will study how different regions respond to Miitomo before expanding it. Eager fans can register for Miitomo accounts as early as this February 17.

My Nintendo is what we fans hoped for, namely, an account system which will allow you to earn points for things, including discounts and games. You can earn two types of points; Platinum Points and Gold Points.

Gold Points work similarly to the Wii U Premium Program. Buying Wii U and 3DS games digitally will get you Gold Points, and you can redeem these for discounts on more games.

Platinum Points will be earned in different conditions, including logging into the eShop and playing Nintendo’s mobile games. Nintendo promises these can be used to buy a range of digital content.

My Nintendo beta members in Japan are already receiving discount offers, for birthdays and recommended games. If you have a Nintendo ID off a Wii U or 3DS now, you are merely a few steps away from joining My Nintendo

Are you looking forward to Miitomo and My Nintendo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.