Hitman Developers Explain How They Make Agent 47 Young – And Artistic

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Do you notice how Agent 47 has these small changes in every game? As I/O Interactive explains, this is a deliberate choice, and they’ve put their own spin on the infamous contractor for Hitman.

They explain several factors go into designing his look, including not only his age in the time of the game, and fan feedback, but the themes of the games as well.

With this in mind, I/O is not only younger in this game, but at his physical peak. While they conformed to fan suggestions, such as the position of Agent 47’s eyebrows, his look is also informed by how the game is a spy thriller. It’s still a dark game, but not as dark as previous iterations.

Agent 47 is shown jogging, and seemingly pushing himself to reach a certain goal. He is driven by a certain ambition, to fit an ideal of a hitman he does not see himself to be yet.

There is something else. I/O Interactive sees Agent 47 as an artist. As an artist, he continuously seeks to improve his handiwork. These qualities of ambition and seeking perfection make this incarnation of Agent 47 lethal.

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Hitman will be sold as a series of episodes. The Intro Pack will release on March 11 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for just $ 15, and each episode after that will sell for $ 10.