Miitomo, Nintendo Account, And My Nintendo: Nintendo Tells All On Mobile Game, Account And Incentive Systems

Nintendo has revealed upcoming plans for their account system, incentives program, and first DeNA mobile game.

The new account system is simply called Nintendo Account, and will allow you to log on via one of Nintendo’s consoles, as well as on PC and mobile devices. You will be able to make a new account using your Nintendo Network ID, but also your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In this way, Nintendo will mitigate the chances people will quit halfway when making their accounts.

Nintendo Account will allow you to purchase a game digitally on their website, so that your console will automatically start downloading said game. It will also keep track of your purchases and play records to send you notices and gifts.

In turn, the new incentive program replacing Club Nintendo is called My Nintendo. You can earn points for My Nintendo by buying Nintendo games, whether they are on mobile or on their consoles. Even better, you can earn points by simply accumulating playtime on these games. These points can be used to buy DLC, coupons for new games, or original merchandise.

Finally, the name of Nintendo’s first mobile game with DeNA is Miitomo. It revolves around Miis, which will communicate with other Miis. By making a Mii and answering its questions, it will be able to share information about you to your friends, who you have to register to play with.

These answers will be preemptively sent to your friends as friendly communication starters. In this way, your Miis will share things about you to each other, including connections you did not know you had.

Miitomo won’t be out until March 2016, but in this way, Nintendo and DeNA hopes to ensure a worldwide launch.