Titanfall 2 Plans Revealed; Spinoff TV Show; New Scenario


Are you looking forward to Titanfall 2? Writer Jesse Stern shares new details on the upcoming project.

The world of Titanfall 2 will take it up a notch, from military action in mechs, to a world where science meets magic, but still in a very grounded way. Think Stargate, as Stern describes it as a recreation of the American Revolution or Civil War, but in the new frontier of outer space.

This informed how they approached worldbuilding for Titanfall 2. Instead of jumping into making the ship and armor designs, Stern and company thought about how these immigrants would deal with colonizing a new world, and the eventual conflicts that would arise. As Stern sees it, conflict is an unavoidable factum in human history.

Work on the sequel started in late 2014, when Respawn finished making and releasing DLC for the original. As of now, Stern says the game will be releasing in fiscal year 2017, meaning sometime between April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

If you were worried about the radio silence, this should assuage your worries. When Respawn made Titanfall, their status was still similar to being a startup. They lacked resources to make a single player campaign to go with the original release. They really did only have a few computers in the office when they started. With few years of development, game sales, and ample time for expansion, they do have what they need to make a broader sequel now. And yes, Stern says the sequel will be a multiplatform release for sure.

On another note, Stern says he is looking forward to the TV series spinoff Respawn has planned with LionsGate. Respawn wants to make both a live action and animated series for Titanfall. Their current challenge is the cost factor, specifically making the series as they want to see it in the constraints of TV.

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