Got A Spare $5 Mil? Buy The Town Of Nipton From Fallout: New Vegas

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One of the greatest charms of the writing in the Fallout series is how the writers draw from real world locations and events to inspire the settings and quests for the games. This was masterfully pulled off in Fallout: New Vegas, with a large portion of the game’s characters and scenarios inspired by real places along the Nevada and California border.

As many Fallout: New Vegas fans will remember, the town of Nipton was perhaps one of the most jarring encounters in the game. The Courier encounters the tiny cluster of houses soon after heading east from the Mojave Outpost, and within seconds it becomes clear that all hell has broken loose. Powder Gangers, escapees from a nearby prison who are armed with explosives, had taken over the abandoned settlement but were soon visited by the Legion, who set up a gruesome lottery to award one lucky survivor the gift of his life. The rest were crucified and hang from large posts in the town square, a grim greeting to anyone who passes by.

If that imagery left you feeling warm and cozy with visions of domestic bliss, then you’ll be happy to hear the entire town of Nipton is up for sale. For five million dollars, you can be the owner of 80 acres of land, all the associated properties, and the city’s solar panels, which are said to keep it 50% “off the grid”. Currently Nipton has a population of six and the real estate agent working on the property says there are about six potential buyers interested. Said local resident Jim Eslinger:

“It’s quiet except for the trains and I don’t even hear the trains anymore…I sleep right through them.”

He adds, in a quote that isn’t at all scary given the fictional events of Fallout: New Vegas:

“If you own the town you can call yourself the mayor if you want to because you have all the votes.”

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