This Butt Stallion Is The Best Borderlands 2 Cosplay Ever

Borderlands 2 Butt Stallion Cosplay
Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep from Borderlands 2 is arguably one of the best DLC chapters of the series’ entire release. It’s got everything: fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, crude and juvenile references to pop culture. It offered a rare emotional and heartfelt moment in the game as Tiny Tina struggled to come to terms with his murder at the hands of Handsome Jack and Angel and gave a sense of resolution to the death of Roland at the end of Borderlands 2. Plus we got this, probably the best thing that ever happened in Borderlands:

Borderlands2 Brick Dibs Siren

The end of January was marked by PAX South, one of the younger chapters of the fan-focused video game convention. Enthusiasts of all kinds gathered this past weekend to celebrate their favorite entertainment medium among friends and industry members alike. Livestreamer and burlesque performer GoGo Incognito was among the attendees, and to celebrate her love of the Borderlands series, put together this hilarious but stunning cosplay of Butt Stallion, the mythical steed/queen awarded to the player at the end of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. In the DLC, Butt Stallion will eat Eridium and spit special weapons out of her rear end, a feat we will not ask this amazing cosplayer to recreate. As far as we’re concerned, the gorgeous hair and horns are authentic enough.

GoGo Incognito has also cosplayed as Moxxi! You can check that out and see great photos of GoGo Incognito hanging out with other Borderlands cosplayers by visiting her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. For more Borderlands 2 fun, check out the Top Ten Video Game References In Borderlands 2.

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