Destiny Players Will Get Free Gifts In The New Year

Bungie is giving away free loot to Destiny players in celebration of the New Year. On January 7, all players will receive 15 strange coins and 15 motes of light. Strange coins are currency used with the weekend exotic weapons/armor dealer Xur, while Motes of Light are items that can be used to embue certain gear with experience. Like a holiday treat two weeks late, the postmaster will have the packages ready for you on January 7.

In the post on their website, Bungie detailed some other goodies players can expect early next month:

Think of it as a gift card you can use in the Tower, where the stores are always open and there is a never a line. Buy something nice from Xûr with those Coins, but don’t spend all your Motes to upgrade one item. See the Postmaster for your packages when the time comes – you may have to clear your backlog for them to appear.

As a final gesture, if you make an appearance in the world of Destiny any time from January 7th to January 10th, we’ll throw in an exclusive yet-to-be-revealed Emblem to mark the fact that you were there. Just log onto Destiny and play whatever you like. Complete a playable activity in your Director so we can track you! We’ll pass out the Emblems to those who qualify on January 12th.

As a new year dawns, stop by to collect a token of our thanks for sharing the adventure as it continues.

The game’s biggest expansion yet, The Taken King, launched earlier this year. If you buy any version of that expansion, you get the prior two, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves, free of charge.