Harmonix Addressing Rock Band 4 Exploits By Wiping Leaderboards

Harmonix has wiped the leaderboard scores for Rock Band 4, in order to erase potential score exploits. As spotted by IGN, The company announced today that the game launched with “a handful of gnarly bugs, including an issue where experienced drummers can double-deploy overdrive by hitting green ‘Overdrive’ gems at the end of dynamic drum fills.”

The developer has pinpointed the exploits and are working on a fix. They say they will adjust the code so that if players attempt to utitlize these exploits in the future, they will be able to use “targeted leaderboard wipes,” instead of clearing all players’ high scores. A game-wide clearance is necessary now because the fix will affect “almost every song, instrument, and difficulty in the game.”

According to Harmonix, “as far as your song library goes, it’ll continue to display the accuracy and star count for your highest-scoring performances to date.” These high score will be replaced once you’ve played the song after the new update.

Rock Band 4 has served as a revival of the classic music-simulation game, and released earlier this year to mixed reviews.