Check Out Just Cause 3’s Gigantic Map

With the release of Just Cause 3 almost upon us, PlayStation Access and Avalanche Studios have released some new videos of the game, showcasing the enormous size of the game's landmass.

The first of the two videos is a helicopter ride that offers us a small look at the game's 400 sq. mile map from end to end. It should give any viewer a good idea of what to expect with the game, which appears to be larger than the two previous titles and may well be one of the biggest landmasses in video games ever made.

The second video, released by Avalanche, shows the game's protagonist Rico assaulting a military base with a variety of weapons. The base is located in the game's third and largest region where the bad guys are mining for a rare earth resource that's central to the game's plot.

Just Cause 3 comes out on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on December 1.