Just Cause 3’s Day One Patch Detailed

Just Cause 3, like every other new release, will see a Day One patch upon its launch next week. The patch weighs in at 2.8GB on the PS4. If you buy the game digitally, you probably won't have to download any additional data–the patch is designed for physical versions of the game.

The update adds a number of fixes and improvements, including optimizations to the game's physics engine, and numerous bug fixes.

Here's what's in store:

Fixes and Improvements

  • The Medician Department of Nature Conservation has pored over every inch of our beautiful island for cracks and removed them
  • The Medician Department of Motor Vehicles has taken measures to acquire poorly-tuned vehicles and burn them
  • The DRM has been given a refresher course in combat and spatial awareness as per the General’s recent mandate
  • The Medician Department of Infrastructure has made some adjustments to certain roads to prevent traffic jams
  • Various stability/crash fixes
  • Various camera fixes
  • Various Havok destruction optimisations
  • Various localisation fixes and updates
  • Various worldsim improvements

Missions, Challenges, Random Encounters

  • Various minor mission bug fixes
  • Various minor challenge bug fixes
  • Fixed some various issues with Random Encounters

Graphics and Animation

  • Various LoD optimisations
  • Various lighting optimisations
  • Various animation optimisations


  • Various level and EQ adjustments
  • Rebels riding along with Rico will now be less rude and not talk over each other
  • Fixed a few rare audio distortion issues involving destructible objects with lots of moving parts

The game is out on December 1.