Set Fallout 4’s Mysterious Stranger as Your iPhone or Android Ringtone

Fallout 4 fans, you now have the option to add the Mysterious Stranger’s sound effect (well, all three of them) as options for your ringtone on your iPhone or Android device.

For those not in the know, the Mysterious Stranger is a helpful character who occasionally appears to assist you in battle when you activate the turn-based VATS mode to take aim at your enemies. The character damages your opponent before vanishing as mysteriously as he appeared.

Whenever this happens, a musical cue plays to indicate his presence. If you like it as much as I do in game, then you’ll definitely want to set one of the sound effects as your ringtone.

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb made the sound files available after he made a special request from Bethesda to release them to the public.

You can download the files for Android or iPhone.

Check out the playlist below to have an idea of what you’ll be getting.